Common causes for delays in renovation projects

Common Causes for Delays
In Renovation Projects

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House renovations have become common these days, with people wanting to remodel their space with up-to-date features and amenities. However, the process takes a great deal of understanding and knowledge to build a beautiful home, without having to burn a hole in your pockets. It’s very different from a ‘DIY Home Restyling’ video on YouTube or a reality TV show giving free tips.


Budget and Resources
Underestimating the budget and the resources required is a common mistake most house owners do when planning the renovation projects. On top of this, lack of clarity in terms of the final outcome of the project results in constant last-minute changes, sometimes even after the commencement of the renovation works.

Unreliable House Renovation Contractors And Their Teams
To achieve perfection and bring smiles on the client’s faces, renovation projects need to be handled by crews that are trained, experienced and that understand the vision of the client. This makes it extremely important for house owners to hire the right contractors with skilled teams and ensure the presence of able supervisors for on-site management, making sure the project progresses as per the initial plan. As industry experts, renovation planners like us track the progress of the project, monitor the budget and streamline all levels of communication to ensure that the client’s project is completed without them facing any sort of hassle.

Client’s Lack Of Technical Knowledge
House owners usually don’t possess in-depth knowledge about construction, renovation, architecture, materials used, etc. This makes them easy prey for contractors who tend to stretch the deadline or add extra costs to the bill, etc. This is where supervisors with years of expertise in the field come into the picture, to help the house owners. They will manage the entire workflow on behalf of the owners, ensuring that the project is delivered on time and matches their vision.

Labour Supply And Lack Of Productivity
Ensuring the quality of work is extremely important in renovation projects. Many times, house renovation contractors either face a shortage of labour supply or the available labour force is inexperienced. These incidences can be due to renovation contractor-labour unresolved issues, pandemic situations or natural calamities. Such problems may lead to a lack of productivity on-site, cost overruns or poor workmanship.

Poor Design And Delay In Finalisation
Inexperienced house owners or simply overwhelmed clients who lack clarity of their needs whilst renovation of their property may lead to delay in finalisation of designs, eventually delaying the course of the entire project.


Inaccurate Project Estimates
One of the most important causes of delays in renovation projects is inaccurate project estimates. There can be innumerable reasons for inaccurate project estimates and mentioned below are a few common reasons:

1. New Construction Techniques And Design Details
‘Technology comes with a price!’ Though refurbishment projects offer the liberty to experiment with cutting edge technology and modern equipment, these facilities are significantly costlier as compared to the use of tried and tested materials and technologies that are present in the market.

2. Assumptions Made
It is a common tendency to assume the values or parameters that are unknown so as to derive the right solution. Even during construction, assumptions are made regarding specification, access requirements, logistical support or delivery time slots for required materials. This leads to lack of perfection ruining the overall look and feel of the project.

3. Fluctuations Of Material Prices
Market prices of several construction materials are always fluctuating, mostly depending on the entire demand-supply chain. More often than not, the prices of materials change significantly on a daily basis. Therefore, not taking into account this fluctuation in prices can lead to inaccurate estimates.

4. Wastage
A proper estimate of the amount of waste generated helps in determining the amount of material that is left for utilisation and the time that is needed for the execution of the project. Intricate pattern designs or peculiar customizations in the project designs influence the amount of material needed and the amount of waste that will be generated.

Design integrity, condition of the equipment, unexpected project site changes as well as the overall quality control are some of the key elements that need to be supervised on a real-time basis. Without constant supervision, the renovation project can easily go haywire resulting in cost overruns and delay in the timely completion. Thus, a supervisor acts as a liaison between the owners and the contractors so that work progresses as per the plan and the clients can get the project as per their desires. Site management can be improved greatly with the use of necessary digital tools for high precision calculations and design simulations, and finally a supervisor with an eagle’s vision for detail and ability to manage each task effectively.

On-site communication and inherent gap of trust between the owners and contractors create natural conflicts of interest. Understanding the house owner’s vision and ideas are extremely important to provide a finished product that the house owner ends up liking. This requires effective communication between the house owner and the renovation contractor. But in most cases, the plans create room for interpretation and can lead to the team going off track.

Now that we know the primary reasons that lead to delay in renovation projects, it is also important to understand that all such causes can easily be avoided if the house owner hires the right team for the task!

Our team at Supervisor.My provides 100% assistance and supervision to ensure the success of the project because we know how stressful and painful it is to deal with contractors. Our services are primarily based on your requirements and any stage of your renovation project.

At the pre-renovation stage, we help you with the following :

  • Advisory: Check drawings and prices quoted by your contractor
  • Due diligence on contractor’s profile
  • Ready draft template of Letter of Award, progress report and more

During renovation, we offer the following services :

  • On-site Supervision
  • Contract and payment schedules and issues
  • Real-time tracking, monitoring and reporting

And post renovation, we would :

  • Handover Documentation with Checklist
  • Handover Audit

With these services, we hope to bridge the gap between the house renovation contractors of Malaysia and the Malaysian house owners. If you are planning a renovation project, then can be your friend guiding you throughout your journey helping you get the project of your dreams!

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