office renovation mistakes you should avoid

Five Office Renovation Mistakes
You Should Avoid

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Office renovation in Malaysia is widespread. Business owners spend hours planning the size, site condition, look, feel, and elements that they would want in their new and redesigned office space and yet, they end up making remodeling mistakes. Some even spend up to RM150,000 for a complete office renovation. While different businesses have different cost estimates, it is important to plan your office renovation project. We often come across business owners who decided to do the renovation of office space without any professional help, and it turned out to be a huge disaster.

So, if you are ready for renovating your office, avoid the following renovation mistakes. These pieces of advice have come from industry experts and can help you save a lot of money and resources as well.

Planning your Renovation Alone
Taking on the redesign work alone, without any external help is one of the most common remodeling mistakes. It might seem to be cost-effective, but it limits you from making the most out of your office renovation. This invites a range of other renovation mistakes that might create problems with your contractor. Therefore it is best to hire a renovation supervisor who could provide you with a hassle-free remodelling experience. The equivalent applies to planning a layout – it's only profitable in the long run to recruit an interior designer who can offer their expertise and help you avoid making any office renovation mistakes.

Not Having Realistic Budgets and Deadlines
Business owners must have reasonable deadlines and budgets. These deadlines must not be rigid, as the renovation of office space requires more effort than redecorating your house. Timeframes must be realistic and achievable as it lets you save a huge amount of money without losing any more productive time.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor
There are many contractors here in Malaysia, which makes it difficult for you to identify the right fit for your renovation. Before reaching out to a renovation expert, do a careful examination to ensure that they have decent goodwill in the market and that they have experience up their sleeves. When you meet these professionals, examine their past projects and renovation skills sets.

Ignoring Trends
It isn’t exactly playing smart if you ignore the modern design trends. Conveniently choosing an outdated style might be the silliest office renovation mistake. By working with a professional designer, you ensure your office space is ready for the future and has cutting-edge designs.

Rushing the Project
Perhaps one of the most obvious office renovation mistakes that individuals make when arranging the project is trying to get the work done faster than planned. As the process involves a lot of manual tasks, it’s suitable to set aside a minimum of 10 percent of the additional time than what you and your designer/contractor decide upon.

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