Ask these five questions to your architect before renovating your office space

Ask These 5 Questions to Your Architect
Before Renovating Your Office Space

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If you are planning to remodel your office space, an architect can help you turn your dream into a reality. An experienced professional understands your demands and preferences, knows the latest trends, and can produce results on the common grounds of all the parties involved. It's important to know how to choose an architect because they can assist you in several ways; be it for a simple makeover or a complex remodelling of your office space . They have expert opinions on your requirements, and their interpretations always help in creatively setting your personal needs into the real picture. Since conversations between you and the architect are crucial to the project, it is essential to know the right questions to ask an architect, and it is equally important to answer the questions asked by the architect.


Here are an important set of questions to ask the architect before you settle for the one perfect match for your dream project:

  1. What is the estimated budget and completion time?

If there is one question to ask an architect in the first meeting, it is their project costs. Architects usually charge a part percentage of the total project cost, depending upon the services rendered, the nature of the project, and the popularity of the architect. It is an important question to ask an architect about when and how the payments are expected to them.

  1. Do you have references? What about your past projects?

Before you settle for the one, be prepared with a set of questions to ask an architect about their past projects. Get some information about their past projects and contractors they've worked with, and afterwards follow up on the references they give. Realising that you're working with a reliable firm will save you from potential headaches that could be brought in by an unreliable resource. In case you are also planning to remodel your office space, be prepared to discuss questions asked by architects.

  1. How can you contribute to the process?

Are you wondering what role will you be playing in designing your office space, or how involved would you be in the renovation process? It's an important question to ask an architect! First, understand the process and afterwards ask how you can be generally useful in it. Having an exhaustive discussion towards the beginning of the process involving your objectives and individual preferences encourages the architect to reach the correct conclusion.

  1. Would you recommend any contractors?

Great designers can suggest solid contractors in their reach and assist you in assessing their portfolios and offers. They may even suggest somebody they've worked with previously and set up a meeting, it’d also help as they would have an established rapport. However, don't stop your search program with the first contractor you meet. It's a smart move to get various offers, which may give you some dealing power with the one you finally choose.

Would they be around in the post-design phase to help ease the process?
Architects can do so much more than planning a layout. It's critical to ask an architect about their post-service management, whether they will help you hire a contractor or make design adjustments as the work proceeds. Also, ask an architect if they will obtain the necessary lien waivers from all the contractors involved to avoid future procession barriers.  

How can help you in supervising and managing the architects for your office renovation?  

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