How to deal with a bad office renovation contractor

How to Deal with a
Bad Office Renovation Contractor

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Remodelling your office space is exciting, but the real challenge is in dealing with contractors. During the renovation process , some people often find themselves in a strenuous situation, especially when they encounter bad contractors. No one desires to hire a bad contractor, but you can often find yourself in a fix while dealing with such contractors.
  No matter whether you neglected to exercise due diligence on the contractor before hiring, or vetted in the right candidate; situations such as poor quality work by unskilled workers, unfinished job, the disappearance of the contractor, or paying a hefty amount for amenities that never got installed, are often faced by most of the business owners. While you can't stop your renovation process due to a bunch of bad contractors, here are ways on how to deal with a bad contractor. Different ways to deal with bad office renovation contractors  

  • Understand the issue

The first step to deal with bad contractors is to understand that it is necessary to compile all documentation of the renovation process, including verbal and written communication, emails, and photographs of before and after renovation work. These will serve as proof against the contractor when you are wondering what to do when the contractor does poor work.

  • File a claim if the contractor is bonded

If your contractor starts ignoring your calls and you find yourself in a fix on how to get the contractor to finish your job, claiming bonds can ease your peril. The foremost step here is to work with licensed contractors who are eligible to purchase a surety bond which will protect you from incomplete or poor quality work done by bad contractors. So, before signing the renovation contract agreement, ask for a copy of their surety bond and when in crisis, file a claim by contacting their insurance agent. Where on one side, the bond compensates your loss; on the other hand, it could leave a bad remark on the contractor's reputation.

  • File a suit in small claims court

Do you want to evade the hassle of hiring an attorney or looking for an alternative to mediation? Filing a suit in the small claims court can be beneficial, but it has a limitation on the suing amount issued to the contractor. The limitation, however, varies according to state jurisdiction.

  • Hire an attorney

How to sue a contractor with a hefty amount—is a question most people ask when dealing with bad contractors. Hire an attorney to file a full-fledged lawsuit against the contractor if your claims in the small claims court are limited while the damages incurred are high. This may be your last option, but what to do when a contractor doesn't finish the job? This is an expensive and a time-consuming procedure but a guaranteed way of tactfully dealing with contractors.

  • Fire them

If you are formulating new strategies on how to deal with a bad contractor, stop right here. It's time you terminate them from the renovation work to save yourself from falling into a deeper hole. Re-read the termination clause of your contract, have all documentation against the contractor handy, and be prepared for dealing with the contractor's demand for payment.

  • Talk to a Supervisor

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