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Office Interior Renovation


An office is a symbol of your company’s business performance and well-being. It is here that employees come to work and spend a substantial part of their day, and clients visit for meetings and sign the deals. Therefore, investing in office renovation from time to time keeps the premises up-to-date and creates a conducive space for your employees and visitors. In this article, we will look at the various benefits of office renovation in improving your business productivity and building a strong brand. How does office interior renovation improve productivity and morale? Office premises are subject to the dynamics of your business outlook. It requires changes/ remodeling whenever there are employees to be added or reduced, or when there is a higher demand for storage or other essential areas, or if the office needs to reflect a new image depending on where your business focus lies. There are six major benefits of office renovation that we will address today. Each of these benefits of remodelling your office space will ultimately lead to better utilization of the available space, increase overall productivity, and help you keep up with the changing trends and designs of what a modern office should look like.
  1. Using space more efficiently
Infrastructure costs constitute prominently as a big-ticket ‘fixed cost’ item that any company must bear, irrespective of its performance. One of the most significant advantages of renovation is the reduction in operational and maintenance-related costs. Over a period, an office can become a repository of many unused or hardly used items. Due to lack of any proper disposal plan, old items such as broken desks, chairs, boxes, files, appliances, machinery, etc. accumulate inside the premises. This can further clutter the already limited amount of free space for employees. It is crucial to think of renovation to declutter the growing mess and make room for decisions impacting the future growth. Timely office renovation benefits include adding new employees and essential work areas without moving to a bigger office.
  1. Encouraging employee interaction
Legacy office modeling plans were drawn to make employees work in silos and with a limited scope of interactions. However, modern office designs promote greater employee-to-employee interfacing and collaborations. Interactions foster sharing ideas, improving team bonding, and driving innovation in existing processes and business operations. This is one of the most long-lasting benefits of office renovation. It will require a complete revamp of how your office space needs to evolve for promoting employee interactions and develop a modern collaborative mindset.
  1. Attracting more clients
An office reflects how motivated you are towards growing the business. Those days are long bygone when an office premise used to be the invisible element behind any successful business transaction. Especially for customer-facing / retail businesses, an attractive office helps create the right buzz and invites existing and new clientele. These days, clients and potential customers are encouraged to visit the office for important discussions and any financial transaction closures. This is where the manifold benefits of office renovation come to the fore. Your office should appear attractive and, at the same time, make the client feel comfortable. Among the many office renovation benefits, it is all about creating an impactful first impression to ensure that the intended client meeting is successful. One of the subtle benefits of renovation is that a renovated office acts as an icebreaker during first-time client conversations. It helps the client to settle in and appreciate the office interiors before the actual discussion starts!
  1. Improving company culture
Not many people realize that one of the critical office renovation benefits is improving the company culture. Among the many workplace surveys carried out over the years, company culture has been among the top reasons for employee dissatisfaction. The usual complaint pertains to a closed-door culture with limited scope for two-way communication with seniors and peers. This is mostly due to the compartmentalized and hierarchical nature of a typical organization. So, you may ask, how can one derive the benefits of renovation in improving the company culture? The answer is relatively straightforward. Openwork culture can be incorporated by redesigning the workplace to make employee movement more accessible and less obstructive. It should consist of retreats or ‘zones’ where employees can exercise the freedom to work as per their choice. While openness is important, employee privacy should also be retained wherever possible. Only then will the employees feel that they are an integral part of the organization, and hence, the tangible benefits of office renovation can be realized.
  1. Boosting employee performance
For any organization, employees are their most significant assets. The key to extracting maximum employee performance is to have a workplace supporting creativity and boosting work enthusiasm. Research has proven that to increase the productivity of any workspace; it should have the right mix of colors, designs, comfort, and functionality. Ergonomically designed furniture, properly ventilated rooms, energy-efficient ambient lighting, etc. can enhance employee productivity and help organizations realize the benefits of office renovation.
  1. Reinforcing your brand perception
One of the key benefits of remodeling office space is that it makes your brand stand out from the rest as an employer and trusted partner for the clients. Offices designed in a manner, which are vibrant, welcoming, and ergonomic, project a brand image of an employee-friendly and environmentally conscious organization. It also appears modern in its outlook.

How can help in supervising & managing your office interior renovation?

While office renovation benefits are apparent, managing the renovation projects by yourself can get overwhelming and tedious. Research results highlight that almost 70% of people cannot properly supervise their office renovation projects and, as a result, these projects overshoot their deadlines.

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