How to Renovate a Home:
5 Simple Steps to Follow While Renovating

Renovating a house is often characterized by stressful days, functional delays, and confusion. It might seem like a Herculean task, but there is a way to ensure that it goes well and stays within your budget. With a simple plan chalked out before you start, you can drive your home renovation exactly the way you want it to be.

What is the Best Way to Renovate a House? Follow These 5 Simple Steps
Here’s a 5-step primer on renovating your house, which will let you be in total control throughout the phase:

Step #1 – Make a Plan by Taking Stock of your House

The decision to renovate your home and how to do it should ideally depend on a preliminary assessment. What is the current condition? Are there major repairs needed anywhere in the house? When did you remodel it last? These are the questions you need to ask yourself as you inspect all the corners of your home.
Check for seepage, molds, breaks, and dilapidations on the walls and ceilings in all rooms and aisles. Inspecting your house helps you get a good idea about the amount of work required before you talk to a contractor.

You may also want to refurbish your house just as an upgrade. This is a common practice among Malaysian residents, especially if you are someone who likes to try the latest trends in home interiors. This can mean building some more shelves in the living room, opting for wooden tiling, experimenting with colorful and fancy wallpapers, and maybe even adding an extra set of windows to facilitate better ventilation and natural lighting. Talking to your family and considering their recommendations will help you understand what more is required and at what place.
You don’t renovate every year, so make it worthwhile by doing everything you want in a single go. In an ideal world, you should be renovating your house once every five years for better safety.

Step #2 – Set a Reasonable Budget

 Renovation of your home can often get expensive, so make sure you plan it well before arriving at a decision. Using your assessment (from step #1) and setting a budget against it will guide you further.

The budget will vary according to your house type – a condo, an apartment in a high-rise, or a landed home. Other factors are the volume of work, the extent of demolition and repairs, the type and quality of the raw materials like tiles and paints, and the work duration. Apart from the cost of raw materials, you will also have to foot the bill for designing, consultation, and labor.

Step #3 – Hire a Contractor

If self-renovating is not possible, you should hire an able contractor to do the work. Brief them on the type and degree of renovation that you want and discuss the finances.
Make sure you specify your terms clearly so that there is no confusion later. The terms may include total expense, duration of work, number of workers, and the type, quality, and brand of raw materials.

 The best way to renovate a house is to hire a contractor via recommendations from friends and relatives. Know someone who recently renovated their home, and you thought it was very well done? Talk to them and get a recommendation. Get quotes from multiple contractors in your area and snatch the best deal.

Step #4 – Set a Duration and Plan Where You’ll Stay During the Renovation of Your Home

Depending upon your house's size and the amount of work required, the duration of renovation can vary from a few days to a few weeks.
You should ideally discuss the duration with your contractor. They will be able to inspect your house further and provide a detailed breakdown of the process. Decide on the duration and plan your finances accordingly. Add an extra week of work just to be on the safer side. This is because there is always a possibility of extra work coming your way when you break open your walls and ceilings.

This is a critical step because you can decide where you will stay for the interim period. Move to your farmhouse, a relative’s place, or use the opportunity to take a vacation.
While not recommended, some people also try to adjust and live in the same house during renovation. If the living room is being refurbished, they occupy one of the other rooms. It’s an excellent way to save money on rent (if you move to another place), but it can be a cause of stress and health issues due to the dust, fumes, noise, and limited movements.

Step #5 – Start the Renovation while you sit Back and Relax

This is the easiest step because all the heavy work on your part has already been done in the previous four steps. But, it is still recommended to keep an eye on the repairs to make sure that they align with your projections. If you have a specific design in mind, you can tell the workers beforehand and guide them accordingly.

How can Help in Managing Home Renovation
Sometimes when you are renovating your house, you may hit a snag right in the initial planning or budgeting steps. It can get irritating, especially if you have never done this type of work or are clueless about construction and interior design.
This is when you can choose, a trusted renovation management solution. We, at, help you take control of the entire renovation phase while maintaining your budget, design choices, and duration.

When you hire a supervisor, the renovation of your home becomes more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the progress or the quality of the work. Everything is taken care of by our team of experts, who can get involved during any step. For instance, if you already have a rough plan about your remodeling, our team can take over and help you with budgeting, designing, and subcontracting. With our supervision, you can always stay within your budget and avoid delays.


The question of how to renovate a house and how to do it the best way hounds every homeowner. You want to ensure that you are getting the best deal. And, at the same time, you want the most charming interiors for your house.
With our solutions, renovation management becomes easier and more affordable. Think of as an expert who knows what type of questions to ask and how to get the job done while staying within budget. It allows for a more controlled home renovation with proper tracking, 100% contractor accountability, and increased savings.

A renovation is a form of upgrade, and knowing how to renovate a home is often a struggle. But, you deserve only the best. So, get in touch with us for a quote today.

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