The Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist:
From Planning to Completion

Home renovation includes many things, from planning to finding constructors, designing, and eventually project completion. The entire process can sometimes become hectic. Having a house renovation checklist can help track everything, avoid additional costs, and simplify things. But, creating the appropriate renovations checklist can be challenging, as there are multiple factors to consider while developing one. To save you from all the hassle, we have compiled this ultimate renovation checklist to work as your guide for your next home remodel and renovation.

Step-by-Step Renovations Checklist

Whether you are looking for a small modification or a complete revamp, this home renovation checklist will undoubtedly come in handy. The renovation checklist should be prepared while keeping  the following aspects related to home renovations in mind:
  1. Planning and Designing
Within your ultimate renovations checklist, make a sub-renovations checklist and enlist your wishes against your home redevelopment’s essential needs. This helps you identify the must-haves and helps save you from going overboard on your budgets. The next point on your home remodel checklist should be the know-how of your local household development laws. You must be aware of what structural changes are allowed and what aren’t. Thus, your remodeling and renovation projects should adhere to laws and regulations, saving you from legal proceedings in the future. Lastly, when it comes to planning and design, the home renovation checklist should include all the components such as materials, finishes, wallpapers, furniture, and other design essentials that you would like to have at your newly renovated adobe.
  1. Budgeting
Once you have things planned out, determine your budget range. Note the items against their purchase value in your home remodel checklist. This will help decide what you can afford and where you’ll have to compromise with an alternative. Budgeting also helps to have a transparent and honest communication and agreement with contractors.
  1. Discarding Old Stuff and Demolishing
Discarding stuff that you no longer deem fit for your remodeled home is essential and should be noted in your renovation checklist. List any extra furniture or other components of the house that are no longer required. Renovations also provide an excellent opportunity to check the health of various household elements such as furniture, electrical cabling, and other items. Things might look great on the surface but can be gross from the underneath. Demolishing items such as wooden walls or discarding painting frames that might be infested with bugs will ensure that your home is clean from within, which will make the renovated home stronger from the inside.
  1. Relocating Plumbing and Drainage Systems
Remodeling checklists should have a dedicated section for plumbing and drainage systems. You might need to relocate drains according to the design that you have chosen for your home renovation. Similarly, check for any plumbing issues, such as water leakages that might be persistent for a while and get them fixed. You might need to contact a professional plumber to determine any problem and get it fixed. You can even handle plumbing and drainage issues on your own, depending upon the work’s complexity.
  1. Renovating Walls and Floors
So, where to start first, the walls or floors? This is a dilemma that every other individual faces in the home renovation checklist. While there is no definite answer, we suggest that you start with walls first if your floor is old and you don’t bother about paint drops on them. Conversely, you can start with the floor first. If floor remodeling is too hard, the process can spread a lot of dust on the walls and hamper the fresh paint done.
  1. Framing and Drywall Changes
We often end up making mistakes with drywall installation, such as over sanding or misaligning holes. But not anymore. Your remodeling checklists should have all the necessary steps to ensure an error-free framing and drywall change. For example, you should note the location of every hole that you will need to drill for electrical or plumbing installations in your renovations checklist.
  1. Fittings and Appliances
Now that you have marked all the locations in place for drilling, screwing, and hammering, it’s time to start the process. Ensure that you complete all the fitting work and place the appliances at the appropriate places, as planned. Similarly, ensure that the fitting work doesn’t affect the drywall or any other wall designing and other renovation processes carried out earlier. The house renovation checklist should mark all the places the appliances will be placed in to ensure that correct electrical wiring, plumbing, and other fittings are carried out.
  1. Consulting a Supervisor
Managing the entire home renovation process alone can turn out to be hectic, especially if you don’t have all the relevant knowledge regarding home renovations. Contractors might even charge you extra than what you are liable to, or you may end up overspending, which can lead to you overshooting your planned budget. Thus, you need the help of a supervisor who can act on your behalf to manage the entire remodeling checklists and ensure that your remodeling and renovation process proceeds as planned. How will help you with your Renovation work We hope that this renovation checklist will help you better manage your next home renovation and remodeling project. If you need additional help and support, you can contact us to supervise your renovation. We will manage all the vendors for you to ensure that you smoothly transition to a new refreshing, remodeled home. Our features:
  • Real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Transparency with payments.
  • On-site project and contractor management.
  • Guaranteed on-time and on-budget services.
  • Guaranteed savings.

Whatever the size of the project and budget may be, we at have got you covered. Tell us your space, renovation stage, and pick any service or bundle, and we’ll be happy to take things forward from there.

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